The first portraits that visually change over time - BAE Studio-1

Art, Technology, and Emotion

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Roles: Artist, Curator

Areas: Digital and Physical Artist

My art explores the intersection of visual perception, philosophy, and psychology. I’m interested in what we gain from embracing the messiness of reality and human perception.

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Art that helps people learn to see and think differently

Project focus: Create an arts foundation and curation community for next-generation collectors
Roles: Founder, Co-curator

The Balter Foundation looks for art that is also psychological and/or philosophical, and helps people see and think differently.

Balter Foundation
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Digital Art + Community

Artist-Founder, GB Project
Participatory art project about making space for deeper connections in digital life.

The GBs are a set of dynamic portraits comprised of reusable cathartic art symbols. They double as membership tokens to a digital community. Members support stigma-free expression and art-therapeutic processes of reimagining painful past events from a place of power. The GB art is an example of its mission; it mined the pain of violence to tell an empowering, new story.

Technical Innovation:
First dynamic digital portraits that visually morph over time

About The GBs
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Contemporary Art and Science Exhibitions

Interim Director
Harvard University Curation and Commissions

The Laboratory at Harvard University was an exhibition series and space that ran from 2010-2014. I served as director in its last two years.

Contemporary artists and designers increasingly create and propel innovations at the cutting edge of science.

We commissioned collaborations between famous artists and scientists, and exhibited the fruits of their collaboration.

B a c k T o T o p B a c k T o T o p