Hidden Faces and Figures: Autumn Face

Hidden Faces and Figures: Autumn Face

Role: Concept, painter

Hidden Face and Figures Series: Autumn Face. 24″ x 36″. SOLD.

In this series, I wanted to explore hiding faces and figures in what initially feels like an abstract, highly textured painting. When viewed in person at a normal distance, the face or figure is not visible. When viewed in-person from a distance, however, and with just the right squint of your eyes, the face or figure becomes obvious. On the web, the image gets flattened, which makes it easier to see the hidden face or figure. This one is a hidden face.

Painting Artist Statement: I’m interested in what we gain from reconnecting with the messiness of reality and human perception. I like to experiment with concepts of perception, attention, facial recognition, optical illusion and sensemaking. I was fascinated by stereograms as a kid and often create a similar effect with painting through strokes that appear pixelated and hide images (usually faces or figures with an unusual backstory) in color and form.

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