Undersung Heroes: Marie Curie

Undersung Heros Series

Role: Concept, painter

Marie Curie. 24″ x 36″ Acrylic and pastel on canvas. SOLD.

This one is inspired by Marie Curie. Though she is not exactly an ‘undersung hero’, she nearly was. Marie was not initially nominated for her first Nobel. In 1903 the French Academy of Sciences nominated Henri Becquerel and Pierre – but not Marie – Curie as candidates for the physics prize. Fortunately, an ally and powerful member of the nominating committee intervened, some strings were pulled, and a nomination of Marie Curie in 1902 was validated for 1903.

Painting Artist Statement: I’m interested in what we gain from reconnecting with the messiness of reality and human perception. I like to experiment with concepts of perception, attention, facial recognition, optical illusion and sensemaking. I was fascinated by stereograms as a kid and often create a similar effect with painting through strokes that appear pixelated and hide images (usually faces or figures with an unusual backstory) in color and form.

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