Crossing the Corpus Callosum II
Crossing the Corpus Callosum II - BAE Studio


A symposium hosted by Longwood Symphony Orchestra and The Laboratory at Harvard

Role: Supporting Lab Director, Suelin Chen

Exhibit Details: The Laboratory at Harvard

How does music shape the developing brain? How can music aid recovery from neurological disorders? Can music be a way to overcome limitations and enhance function for individuals with autism? These questions and more will be explored in a day- long symposium on neuroscience, healing and music at Harvard University. The symposium will explore the intersection between music, science, and medicine through a series of talks, panel discussion, musical performances, and networking.

The schedule will include expert lectures on music, brain development, and rehabilitation, a discussion panel on music and autism, and chamber music performed by members of the Longwood Symphony Orchestra.

WHO: Longwood Symphony Orchestra and The Laboratory at Harvard present a symposium on music and healing.
WHAT: Symposium: Crossing the Corpus Callosum II: Neuroscience, Healing & Music
WHEN: Saturday, January 29, 2011, 9am-5pm
WHERE: The Laboratory, Northwest Building Harvard University
52 Oxford Street Cambridge, MA 02138

COST: Registration includes refreshments $50 Adults, $25 Students with School ID, On-site Registration – $60 Adults/ $30 Students with School ID

*** The Provost has generously offered to subsidize the registration fee for a number of Harvard students. If you are interested please contact *** UPDATE: ALL TICKETS HAVE BEEN CLAIMED

The mission of Longwood Symphony Orchestra, the orchestra of Boston’s medical community, is to perform concerts of musical diversity and excellence, while supporting health-related nonprofit organizations through public performances.


• The Symposium’s Keynote Address will be delivered by Gottfried Schlaug, M.D. Ph.D., Director of Music and Neuroimaging lab at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School, who will speak about the effects of music on brain development and rehabilitation.
• Nina Kraus, Ph.D., Northwestern University, will speak on using music for the development of listening and learning skills.
• Nadine Gaab, Ph.D., Children’s Hospital Boston and Harvard Medical School, will speak on the influences of musical training on language processing and executive functioning in children.
• Laurel J. Trainor, Ph.D., McMaster University, will speak on music perception in the infant brain.
• Arthur Bloom, founder of Renovation in Music Education (RIME), will speak on using music as a rehabilitative tool for veterans suffering from traumatic injuries.
• A panel on the application of music for autism will include Ann Roberts, Ph.D. (Boston Higashi School), Catherine Wan, Ph.D. (Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School), and Nicholas Lange, Sc.D. (McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School / Harvard School of Public Health).

In addition to the major speakers, researchers from many labs and disciplines will share their work through a scientific poster presentation.
This event follows the success of LSO’s 2009 Crossing the Corpus Callosum I, which was praised as “a well thought-out selection of programs demonstrating the collaboration of medicine and the arts” and “an excellent presentation of an imaginative idea.”

Crossing the Corpus Callosum II is sponsored in part by Tufts Health Plan, Massachusetts Medical Society, Hotel Marlowe and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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