Innovate or Die: Experience Economies
Innovate or Die Experience Economies - BAE Studio


Role: Supporting Lab Director, Suelin Chen

Exhibit Details:
February 18th, 2012

Why innovate?
On Saturday February 18, from 5-10pm, Experience Economies will ask this very question by inviting you to come on a participatory tour of Boston’s innovation landscape. This multimedia and multi-venue event will bring audiences inside the doors of some of the most unique and visionary ventures, foundations, and research laboratories in the region, engines at the leading edge of the emergent innovation economy. Each stop has been paired with artworks, performances, presentations and other surprise events exploring innovation – how it is conceptualized, pursued and lived in Boston and Cambridge, now and historically.

Experience Economies 6: Innovate or Die will include presentations by area artists Kelly Sherman and Catherine McMahon, New York City-based artist Mary Walling Blackburn, historian of science Jeremy Blatter, and a number of surprise guests.

UDPATE: the event sold out in under one minute. Please email XX to get on the waitlist. If you are interested in participating as event staff, please apply for a volunteer position!

Tickets are limited. Each $10 ticket reserves one seat, which includes food and drink services throughout the course of the evening.

We are grateful for the support of our partners at the Berwick Research Institute, Harvard i-lab, Continuum, Boston ArtScience Prize, and Industry Lab.

Click here to download our press release: LAB_ExEc_pressrelease

Announcing: Cultural Producers in Residence 2011-2012

We are thrilled to announce Experience Economies as Cultural Producers in Residence at The Lab this year.

One of Bostonʼs most agile and innovative cultural presenters, Experience Economies is a nomadic social event series where cultural producers are audiences to each other’s spectacles. Not a lecture and not a party, the events incorporate performance, presentation, discussion, scheming, drinks and food. Experience Economies welcomes experimentation, works-in-progress, audiences that want their spectacles to mess with them and presenters who need a space to make that mess.

Experience Economies was founded by Gavin Kroeber and Rebecca Uchill to
1) provide a sorely needed social space and experimental platform for design and cultural practices in Boston.
2) provide artists, designers and creatives with a “willing audience” as material for social projects.
3) test out ideas about event-based formats and audience relationships.
Update: public event will take place on the evening of Saturday, February 18th.
Stay tuned for more details! If you would like to volunteer, sign up here.

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