Idea Translation Lab Learning Programs - BAE Studio-1

Idea Translation Lab at Harvard

Role: Served as Interim Director of the Lab, late 2011-2014

Recognition: Various – see specific entries

The Lab at Harvard was a multi-year experiment spanning roughly 2010 – 2013. It was a new forum and platform for idea experimentation in the arts and sciences at Harvard University. We worked to break down boundaries between the arts and sciences to accelerate learning. We catalyzed the development of Harvard student and faculty ideas through work-in-progress exhibits, monthly Idea Nights, and annual experiments between leading international artists and Harvard University scientists.

Harvard students developed surprising and innovative ideas at the university in classes where student idea conception, formulation, and development propel student learning. Educating students through idea development encourages aesthetic and analytical processes of creative thought. Outcomes ranged from new designs, books and films, to new companies and humanitarian organizations.

The Idea Translation program of The Lab included exhibitions of current and ongoing past student ideas selected, prepared, and exhibited through the Idea Translation Lab at Harvard University. The Idea Translation program included monthly Idea Nights, where exhibited ideas will be discussed with Harvard faculty and other thought leaders.


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