Harvard & MIT Entrepreneurship Guide
Harvard MIT Entrepreneurship Guide - BAE Studio

Harvard & MIT Entrepreneurship Guide: Incubators and funds to turn promising class projects into viable startups

Co-created with Jackie Stenson
Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering & Applied Sciences

We created the e-guide in response to growing student interest in all stages of entrepreneurship. We recognized that there were many resources available for learning, creating, building and launching but that these were not easily navigable for interested students.

The e-guide became the unofficial guide to help students navigate the sometimes overwhelming number of entrepreneurship- and innovation-related resources at Harvard, MIT, and the greater Boston area. The Harvard Innovation Lab opened soon after, and became a perfect official hub of this type of information. We joined forces with the i-Lab in a number of ways and the e-guide no longer seemed necessary.

Here is what the guide allowed students to do:
– find resources based on their current development stage
– filter by the exact resource type they were looking for
– follow resources they like
– stay up-to-date on deadlines/events for their preferred resources

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