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A short film series featuring celebrated chefs in the Boston area that explores what it means to develop the ability to read, write, understand, and create with flavor. Funded by Harvard's Office of the Provost and premiered at the Cambridge Science Festival.

Chef League's flavor challenges help teach you to improvise with flavors like the pros. Train your tastebuds with quick quizzes, learn flavor mechanics and how to fix recipe flaws on the fly from the AI chefs, and enjoy friendly creative competition with other players.

Three sensescapes (sensory experience stories) of Monestevole. An art residency in Umbria, Italy. This project is about deconstructing and reconstructing the hard-to-describe sensory experience of being in a place.

I lead a joint-degree program between RISD and Brown University's School of Engineering, in which students learn to merge visionary and pragmatic thinking, qualitative and quantitative methods, and creativity with technology to produce and refine work with the goal of improving lives.

My art explores the intersection of sensation, perception, creativity, and technology. I’m interested in what we gain from reconnecting with the messiness of how our umwelt (sensory experience) differs across humans and other species.


Try the game and look out for the book!

Flavor is a language

Do you speak it?


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