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Cross[x]Species Adventure Club Dinner: WATER: SCARCITY. STRESS + SECURITY

Role: Supporting Lab Director, Suelin Chen

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The Laboratory at Harvard

October 22nd, 2011

The xSpecies Adventure Club is a collaboration between Natalie Jeremijenko + Mihir Desai + is affiliated with the Environmental Health Clinic. The Boston field office of the EHC is operated by Artists in Context + is a platform for creatively engaging citizens in the critical environmental issues of our time. The Lab at Harvard is a new forum + platform for idea experimentation in the arts + sciences at Harvard.

Boston xSpecies Adventure Club Workshop: In the Water

The LAB @ Harvard 4 -5:30 p.m.

Join Natalie Jeremijenko and chef Mihir Desai for an adventurous workshop introducing several of the fascinating processes/techniques of molecular gastronomy, and how these allow us to explore the delicious complexity of natural and biological systems. Liquid nitrogen and safety glasses supplied. Included will be a bear hunt, for very small but most ferocious waterbears, and an introduction to the moods, characters and sometimes drunken behaviors of Daphnia, which reveal hazardous compounds in water from rivers, distribution systems and production drains—first defenders of human health.

Feel welcome to bring your own water sample to meet and greet your local waterbear, daphnia or other exotic aquatic neighbor.

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**UPDATE** students can come for FREE!


Boston xSpecies Adventure Club

Dinner: Water as Food

The LAB @ Harvard 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

The subsequent dinner will reveal its all in the water – water in production, transformation processes and the polymers, colloids, cellular biophysics and microclimates that drive our urban lives. These new food-based representations of water systems and water-complexes are incredibly tasty but also fruitful. Explore the tart sweetness of yuzu, a japanese citrus for the frosty NorthEast, for instance, and its closed-system-no-watershed-degradation-intensive container growing. Trace water uptake through the organs of an animal, thru the terrestrial system and watch a human hatch as you munch on structural membranes that breath, contain water and deliver nutrients. More than being simply what we eat, we are what we represent we are eating. And our capacity to improve our food systems critically rests on understanding their devilishly sumptuous details. Join the adventure.

Menu notes

centrifuged orchid root. lychee + macadamia gazpacho garnished with cocoa nibs + radish

ajwain + hickory flash-smoked salmon tartare, sous-vide 50c salmon + mushroom risotto

butter-poached kobe beef. veal tongue terrine. beet gel. bone marrow + bordelaise sauce

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