Immersive Course on Cultural Entrepreneurship in NYC
Cultural Entrepreneurship in NYC - BAE Studio

Immersive Course on Cultural Entrepreneurship in NYC

Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering & Applied Sciences
Harvard Innovation Lab

Role: Course co-founder, co-professor (with Tom Eisenmann of HBS)
2013, 2014

This project emerged from observing a persistent and superficial assumption that startups have to move to the Bay Area to become successful. A short field study yielded high-level patterns in the startup communities in the Bay Area, NYC, and Boston.

In particular, New York City hosts many startups in the creative industries (new ventures in fashion, food, fine arts, performing arts, music, video entertainment, literary fiction, etc.). Further, their founders approach was less clearly about disrupting the status quo (as is a common goal for Bay Area startups) as it was about partnering with established players in new ways.

Responding to this, I created this field course focused on cultural entrepreneurship in New York City with Professor Tom Eisenmann of Harvard Business School. We explored how new ventures in the creative arts are launched, and how proximity to NYC’s rich ecosystem of established companies, investors, and supporting organizations (e.g., universities, foundations, trade press, industry associations) influences the ventures’ evolution.

The organizations involved:

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